Friday, April 27, 2012

Breaking the Ice!

Good morning and welcome!

My name is Tijana, but majority of my friends call me "Ticko". It doesn´t have any meaning, but it´s cute and I like it. 

Long time ago I blogged, and somewhere, somehow... that blogging bug was always present, following me. It took me a lot of time to sit down again and open small part of a virtual space, create it just for me and start writting. It took me 5 years - more or less. 

In those 5 years my life has changed a lot... and so have I. 
The "only" difference between writtings back in time and now-a-days are my present location, language and people I am surrounded by everyday. 
My life has moved from one Rocky Mountain to another one. I must add that it takes time to get used to this one Rocky, but I am doing it well. At least, I think so! :)

Well, like I wrote somewhere in the blog description - I will try to make it simple and ordinary. I strongly believe that there are thousands of blogs like mine, so I am not gonna give you candies for to make you stay.. but if you find interesing what I have to say and you decide to follow my "brljoke" (an expression from my country, literary translated "messy writtings") - please, do so and be my guest! :)


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