Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Although it is the 2nd of May and the spring has started long time ago... here in Andorra it still feels a bit like winter! :) 

Majority of the hills and mountains are still covered with the snow, in the morning and in the evening hours you can not leave the house without wearing a winter jacket cause you´ll feel cold, cold breeze coming from the mountains brrrr ... It´s such a pitty that the ski resorts are closed. I am sure that the snow is still great for skiing. 

Vallnord and Grandvalira are the two biggest ski resorts here in Andorra. Grandvalira maybe has better slops but I prefer Vallnord :)

The only sign of spring that I have are my recently seeded flowers peeking out from flower pots.  Well, I guess that these are all advantages and disadvantages of living in the mountains. 

Here are some of the photos from yesterday´s walk around the Lake of Engolasters (Llac d´Engolasters), as the mountain roads are still covered with snow - short walk around the lake is more than enough. Can´t wait summer time to explore more the mountain paths! :)

Hope it´s warmer at your place, wherever you are! :)
Have a nice day!


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