Monday, May 14, 2012

From Winter to Summer.. and some other additional things.

Remember how I´ve told you few days ago that it´s still winter in Andorra? 

Well, in these couple of days, the weather has changed a lot!! It has changes that much that we´re in the middle of Summer time! The temperature went from 4 degrees to 24+ degrees. During the night we sleep with the windows wide open, during the day we´ve changed winter jackets to summer t-shirts... and let me tell you my personal opinion - I don´t find it normal! Where the hack has Spring gone?! 
Yesterday I´ve spent almost whole morning doing things with my lil garden.. I was checking my plants, replanting and planting some new one I got for weekend and what I´ve noticed is that neither plants like this weather. Till now my petunias were supposed to almost start flowering but they´re not! As the air here in Andorra is also very, very dry I have to spray them with water every day in order to create some humidy.

Well, don´t get me wrong I am not complaining about hot, sunny weather - I am happy that I can leave my winter jackets finaly in the closed till November/December but I am neither happy for such a sudden changes in the air. My grandma would say now that it ain´t good at all.. that the Mother Nature is playing and warning us about something. And she may be  right!

Last night I watched a documentary which made me cry a lot. It is about killing dolphins in one of the Japanese bays/areas called Taiji. Every year, around September tousands of dolphins are killed in that bay in order to have more fish in the sea. I mean - what the hell?! Really!? And that that dolphin meat was given to the schools as a lunch for kids!? I was angry to see what humans are able to do, how cruel they can be with an animal life and how hard they treat the nature. No wonder why the Nature is kicking our asses sometimes, we deserve it!
If you are interested in watching this documentary, sign the petition against this cruelty - more infomation you may find here!

Anyway, long story short - my weekend was full of activities and nice people. We had such a nice dinner at my friend´s home on Saturday and while we were having a dinner I couldn´t not to think about how each pair sitting on that same table has it´s own language they speak while alone at home. For example - Churry and I, we speak in English all the time; Ma Pierre (our host) and her husband Patricio - they speak French; and Merce and Ricard they speak in Catalan.... and all of us - we were speaking in Spanish (Castellano). This is one of the things that I like about Andorra - so many different things, backgrounds and mix of cultures in one small, tinny place in the middle of mountain. :) How great is that? Of course, some people need time to get used to it, but once you do you lear to appreciate it even more. 

And last but not least, to conclude this post for today - what I love about Saturdays is going to La Seu´s market (first Spanish village on 15min away from Andorran border). I always have a great time there. So many colors, smells, tastes... mmm yummy! And so cheap! Here in Andorra we don´t have an open market but we have a lot of shops and shopping malls where you can buy fresh fruits - althoug it´s not the same experience right?! 

Market in La Seu

Market in La Seu

Waterfalls near Canillo - Cascada de les Moles

Well, till next time... Adèu! :)


  1. say you'll take me to this market! You have to! :) love it! Besos :***

  2. Of course I will :* Un abrazo muy fuerte amiga!